About us

story of our RESTRUDENT

We have a strong belief that almost everybody is foodaholic like us and has an uncontrollable cravings for food. So, our brand has come up with the name of ‘MAPLE CHOPSTICKS’ as a brainchild of Mr. Avijit Banerjee  . ‘MAPLE CHOPSTICKS’ is a Cantonese word which stands for a round-bottomed cooking pot used in a range of Chinese cooking techniques, including stir frying, pan frying, poaching etc. In China and south-Asian countries. The name itself resembles the authentic technique of Chinese cooking. Our chefs and master-chefs are always ready to serve you a luscious gastronomic experience with a varied range of Chinese cuisines of starters and main course like noodles, Rice’s, Momos, spring rolls and numbers of prawn-fish-chicken platters. Originating from China, Chinese cuisines has now become an emotion in the diverse region of India. From the five-star restaurants, take-away counters, roadside food-stalls and regular food-joints everywhere Chinese delicacies are mostly dominant in the urban food-palates. So, we are all decked up with the colours of seasonings and sauces to deliver your all event and party orders. We maintain proper health and hygiene and premium quality of the food even in a pocket-friendly rate as much as possible. We also customize the preparations according to your preferences to provide you a mouth-watering fooding. You can reach us physically in our jadavpur  take- away outlet and also you can order us through swiggy or zomato. According to the requirements we also offer a personal home delivery option for customized party orders. We entrust all the epicures to keep providing delicious Chinese platters with sound seasonings for your hunger – savior delights.